Girl Power

Lemurs live in groups called troops. The dominant or alpha female is in charge of the entire troop. Female lemurs remain in their family troop throughout their lives. Male lemurs often move between troops.

During mating season, males will compete through “stink fights” in which they rub scent from their wrists onto their tail. They then wave their stinky tail towards their competitor.

At Reid Park Zoo

Ring-tailed lemurs can live in a wider range of habitats than any other lemur species. They are adapted to live in the coldest as well as the hottest and driest habitats, including deserts, in Madagascar making them feel at home in Tucson.


Species Name:
Ring-Tailed Lemur
Scientific Name:
Lemur catta
Africa (Madagascar)
Proud Parents:
Ben Mejias
Richard Fugiel
Chad Denson
Jessica Lasky
Carleen Sholdt
Tommy & Wyatt Nash
Paisley & Teagan Chandler
Tom Davenport
Bryce Danielson