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The Importance of Species Survival Plans Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate some of your Zoo’s lovebirds! We are happy to have multiple pairs of animals that are important members of… more ›

Tapir Calf Named Toliver

The votes are in – and the tapir calf has been named Toliver. We received THOUSANDS of votes, so we’ll be sending a $3,000 donation from YOU to help protect tapirs in the… more ›

Baird’s Tapir Calf Born 8-29-15

Reid Park Zoo’s Baird’s tapir, Contessa, gave birth to a male calf on Saturday, August 29, at approximately 5:30 p.m. The calf appears healthy, is nursing regularly, and is becoming more active every… more ›

Baby Tapir Born January 4, 2014

The baby tapir is finally here!  After a 13-month pregnancy, Baird’s tapir “Contessa” gave birth to a male calf on January 4.  While both mom and calf are healthy, Contessa was not nursing… more ›

Tapir Nose

How do you pick up branches if you don’t have opposable thumbs?  If you’re a tapir, you use your nose!  Contessa the tapir enjoys a freshly cut branch on exhibit.  Tapirs are herbivores,… more ›