Monday Morning Stretch

Streeetch! Otters have very flexible spines to allow them to evenly groom their entire body. Today Pfeiffer is demonstrating this flexibility with her unique strategy for looking around!

World Otter Day

Today is World Otter Day! We are celebrating our Zoo’s two African spotted-necked otters (Hasani and Pfeifer) and their wild otter cousins! Otters rely on clean water to fish in, using their great… more ›

Relax With the Otters

Our African spotted-necked otters are as playful as ever and enjoying time in their pool! We wish you were here to watch their antics in person, but until then enjoy this video of… more ›

Live Fish for the Animals

Zoo Keepers recently gave some of the animals a special treat: live fish! Local news station KVOA was on hand to document the fun for its weekly Zoo 4 You feature. Check out the… more ›

Pumpkin Bash 11/1/14

On Saturday November 1, Zoo Keepers gave pumpkins to just about every animal at the Zoo! Check out these great photos of animals enjoying a special fall treat: Thanks again to Buckelew Farm… more ›