Happy Birthday, Meerkat Pups!

Happy birthday, meerkats! Our litter of five meerkat pups are now one year old. They are as large as their parents and can be seen digging, foraging, and looking out for the group as… more ›

Meerkat Pup Portraits

Are you prepared for your heart to melt today? The meerkat pups posed for some portraits and are serving ridiculously cute looks. They have clearly mastered the art of giving puppy eyes, or… more ›

More Meerkat Moments

Look how much the meerkat pups have grown! They are honing their coordination skills and learning to pounce and stretch. All five pups are doing well and we are excited to continue to… more ›

Meerkat Pups Explore Habitat

Let’s check in on the meerkat pups! The five pups explored their outdoor habitat for the first time this week. Animal Care Supervisor Adam said they have started eating bugs (their favorite!) and… more ›

Grateful for our Meerkat Moms

Happy Mother’s Day! Motherhood takes a lot of work, especially when you’ve got five pups to feed! Our two meerkat moms, Leslie and Priya, make the job a little easier by raising their… more ›