Grizzly Bear Snacks and Scratches

It’s surprising how dainty and dexterous this 700 pound bear can be when eating a piece of lettuce. Grizzly bears are omnivores that eat meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and leafy greens. Watch till… more ›

Grizzly Bear Shake

Shake it off, Ronan! Grizzly bears are excellent swimmers who can store a large layer of fat to keep them warm and help them float!

Wellness Wednesday: Grizzly Bear

It’s time for another Wellness Wednesday! This week we are sharing some enrichment given to our grizzly bear, Finley. One important aspect of animal health is having the opportunity to use all of… more ›

Grizzly Bear Foraging

Grizzly bears are excellent problem solvers! Ronan the grizzly can smell that there are carrots inside of this foraging device, and he has learned that he can dunk the device into water to help… more ›

Grizzly Bear Puzzle Enrichment

  Today let’s watch Ronan the grizzly bear manipulate a puzzle-feeder enrichment item! Our grizzly bears get a variety of enrichment types every day to encourage natural bear behaviors. If you check out… more ›