Giraffe Herd Update

Sota, Reid Park Zoo’s 3-year-old giraffe, has been spending lots of his time off-habitat recently as he recovers from an injury and infection in one of his legs. The injury appeared minor at… more ›

Teaching our Tower

The herd is learning together! Denver the giraffe is now comfortable learning next to her newer herd members, Penelope and Sota. Check out the video below of the three learning together in an… more ›

Keeper Chat: Giraffe Enrichment

Today giraffe care staff Carlos is here to talk about enrichment! The new shade structure in our giraffe habitat allows for more locations to attach puzzle feeders and browse at around 18 feet… more ›

How Giraffes Browse on Tree Leaves

Did you know that giraffes are ruminants with four stomach chambers? This complex digestive system helps them break down tough materials like leaves. One step in their digestive process is to regurgitate food… more ›

Giraffes Enjoy Browse Enrichment

The giraffes are continuing to enjoy this newer enrichment device that allows their care staff to hang browse up at giraffe height! This provides the giraffes with another location in their habitat for… more ›