Keeper Chat: Giraffe Enrichment

Today giraffe care staff Carlos is here to talk about enrichment! The new shade structure in our giraffe habitat allows for more locations to attach puzzle feeders and browse at around 18 feet… more ›

Grizzly Bear Puzzle Enrichment

  Today let’s watch Ronan the grizzly bear manipulate a puzzle-feeder enrichment item! Our grizzly bears get a variety of enrichment types every day to encourage natural bear behaviors. If you check out… more ›

Aviary Shower

Today we’re Bringing the Zoo to You with a look at some aviary enrichment. Our animal care staff provided our South American aviary with a shower, and our blue-crowned mot mot decided to… more ›

Woven Enrichment Ball Activity

For today’s activity, we have something a little different for you: an enrichment craft! We talk about the enrichment the Zoo provides for the animals all the time — but did you know… more ›

Enrichment With a Great Hornbill

Whoever coined the expression “bird brain” has never met a hornbill! Bombay the great Indian hornbill is incredibly intelligent and loves engaging in challenging feeder toys. Today we’re Bringing the Zoo to You… more ›