Say Hello to Rainbow, the Blue-and-Gold Macaw

Have you met the new macaw near the Flight Connection aviary? Rainbow the blue-and-gold macaw recently moved from a behind-the-scenes aviary to a habitat next to our resident cockatoo. Long-time Zoo fans might remember Rainbow… more ›

Bird Nests: Small in Stature, Mighty in Worth

Bird Nests: Small in Stature, Mighty in Worth Remarkably engineered through complex design and composed of a wide variety of nature’s best building tools (everything from mud and twigs to leaves and fur),… more ›

Trumpeter Hornbills Growing Up

The trumpeter hornbill chicks have fledged the nest! In early August three hornbill chicks left their log nest along with their mom, Nancy. This video shows the progression of Nancy and the chicks… more ›

Startling Starling Expressions!

Golden-breasted starlings have very bright, light-colored eyes that are sure to catch your attention! This unique eye color combined with their arched brows makes it look like they have some wild expressions!

Meet the Silver-Beaked Tanager

Two of the newer members of our South American aviary are a pair of silver-beaked tanagers. These birds are native to the Amazon and lay bright green-blue eggs with black-brown speckles. When the… more ›