Anteater Discovers a Rotting Log

Nico the giant anteater has encountered an anteater delicacy: an old rotting log! Anteaters use their long claws and strong forelimbs to rip into logs like this in pursuit of delicious insects.

Anteaters & Highways Update: Meet Baby Sue

Giant Anteater Conservation Program is Rehabilitating a New Anteater Baby Reid Park Zoo is a proud supporter of the Anteaters and Highways project, which is working to protect anteaters and their habitat throughout… more ›

Anteater Goes Hunting for Bugs

Today Nico the giant anteater had a busy morning of hunting for bugs! Anteaters use their long sharp claws to dig into logs, dirt, and termite mounds to find delicious buggy snacks.

Do Tamanduas Smell Bad?

If you were to ask one of our animal care staff what single thing stands out most when cleaning up after tamanduas and giant anteaters, they might answer that it’s the smell! Both… more ›

Anteater’s Relatives

What are anteater’s closest relatives? We get this question a lot, and the answer is surprising! Anteaters are most closely related to armadillos and sloths in the superorder Xenarthra. This group of animals… more ›

Tongue Out Tuesday!

Why do these anteaters have their tongues out? It’s because they’re yawning! Like many mammals, anteaters extend their tongues when yawning. Since anteater’s tongues are so long and thin, it makes quite an… more ›

How Do Anteaters Sleep?

When anteaters sleep, they sleep hard! All anteater species naturally have such slow metabolic rates that when they fall asleep, they enter a state of semi-torpor, which is similar to a brief and… more ›

Two’s a Crowd

Some Animals Prefer Social Distancing Primates are very social animals. We rely on each other for gathering resources, sharing knowledge, and providing comfort. But many other members of the animal kingdom are adapted… more ›