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Summer Camp: Meet the Staff


  • Favorite Animal: Okapi and sea turtles
  • How long I’ve been at the Zoo: since September 2018
  • Pets: I have a dog named Blue, who I adopted from Pima Animal Care Center, and a family dog named Dash, who although lives with my parents in Chicago, I still consider to be part mine. 🙂 
  • Fun fact about me: I enjoy nature photography.
  • What I like to do in nature: Spending time in nature calms my mind, no matter if I am in a forest preserve, hiking on a mountain, at the beach, or simply sitting on a lawn. 




  • Favorite Animal: Pangolin
  • How long I’ve been at the Zoo:  November, 2019
  • Pets: 2 cats, a corn snake, and a Quaker parrot
  • Fun fact about me:  I am literate in Spanish and enjoy doing cross-stitch and felting.
  • What I like to do in nature:  I love bird watching, fishing, and taking weekend trips to La Jolla to look at the tidepool animals.




  • Favorite Animal: Hmm, this is a tough question. I am a big fan of maned wolves and corvids,  which are birds like crows and ravens.
  • How long I’ve been at the Zoo: I joined Reid Park Zoo as a part-time educator in 2014 and became full-time in 2018.
  • Pets: I have two dogs named Ruby and Phoenix (after the mythical bird, not the city in Arizona), a cat named Aslan, a snake named Samson, and six gerbils (a type of desert adapted rodent) named after Pokemon.
  • Fun fact about me: One of my hobbies is dog agility.
  • What I like to do in nature: I like to go hiking with my son and dogs but sometimes the dogs stay at home so I can go bird watching. 



  • Favorite Animal: My favorite animal is the lion.
  • How long I’ve been at the Zoo:  I started in 2010 as a part-time educator and was hired full time in 2012. 
  • Pets: I have one dog, named Gizmo.  I adopted her from the Pima Animal Care Center late in 2019. I also have three gerbils, which are a type of rodent. I like to watch them because they are very busy and curious. 
  • Fun fact about me: I have traveled to the North Pole to view wild polar bears and the Northern Lights.
  • What I like to do in nature: I was not encouraged to go outside when I was young, so I make an effort to spend time outside with my son, now.



  • Favorite Animal: I have many favorites, but I’m particularly fond of cheetahs, wolves, foxes, and horses.
  • How long I’ve been at the Zoo: I was a college intern in 2012, then was hired in 2013 as an Apprentice Zoo Keeper. I became an Educator in 2014.
  • Pets: I have two cats named Nuri and Siku (Siku actually came from the Zoo! She was found in one of our animal’s nighthouses); a foster cat, Alastor, who I saved after he was bitten by a rattlesnake; and a desert tortoise named Titus. All of my animals are rescues.
  • Fun fact about me?: I enjoy competing in themed trivia (Harry Potter, Disney, Game of Thrones, Parks & Rec, Firefly, etc.)
  • What I most like about nature: I grew up in a mountain community where I could walk for just a few minutes and be surrounded by trees. I loved how quickly it felt like I was in a different world. Nature still gives me a sense of calm and happiness that I remember from childhood.




  • Favorite Animal: All animals are my favorite.
  • How long I’ve been at the Zoo: I have been an educator for 5 years and I volunteered for 2 years before that.
  • Pets: I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 1 desert tortoise.
  • Fun fact about me: My favorite color is pink.
  • What I like about nature: I love all the beauty in nature.






  • Favorite Animal: So hard to pick! Top three: Aye-ayes, Elephants, and Geckos. 🙂
  • How long I’ve been at the Zoo: 5 years
  • Pets: Two cats (Shadow and Ethal) and two dogs (Korra and Asami)
  • Fun fact about me: I play roller derby!
  • What I like about nature: Oh gosh, everything! It’s beauty and serenity!




  • Favorite Animal: Harpy Eagle
  • How long I’ve been at the Zoo: working for 2.5 years and volunteering 4 years before that
  • Pets: a dog named Colby
  • Fun fact about me: I like to swim and read in my free time
  • What I like about nature: I love to hike up in the mountains and get to see different kinds of wildlife




  • Favorite Animal: Hippos and Sea Otters
  • How long I’ve been at the Zoo: I was an intern in 2018 & 2019, and joined the Education Team in February 2020
  • Pets: I have two dogs named Missy and Ellie and a beta fish named Daisy
  • Fun fact about me: I got to intern at Disney World for 8 months!
  • What I like about nature: I love all the different plants and animals we share our world with!



  • Favorite Animal: Okapi
  • How long I’ve been at the Zoo: Interned/Volunteered 2012-2016, Teaching summer camp since 2019
  • Pets: I have 5 horses, 1 mini horse, 3 dogs, and a bearded dragon
  • Fun fact about me: I was riding horses before I could even walk.
  • What I like about nature: It is so calming. I love going and exploring new places, preferably in the mountains, and getting to see wildlife!




  • Favorite Animal: Elephant/Crocodile
  • How long I’ve been at the Zoo: 7 years
  • Pets: two dogs and a cat
  • Fun fact about me: I have traveled to 40 out of 50 states
  • What I like about nature: I love the sounds and smells of nature. They always bring me to a happy place.