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Watching and Waiting

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Night Vision Mono-Goggle $425- DONATED!

Staff will be on-site through the night for several weeks to make sure mom and baby are doing well. New parents know there isn’t much worse than going to check on a sleeping baby only to wake it up in the process. This night vision mono-goggle will help Keepers monitor Semba and her baby without disturbing them in the middle of the night.

TabletTablet Computers $350

Once the baby arrives, Keepers and researchers will be busy collecting all sorts of data. In addition to keeping close track of the infant’s nursing, growth, and development, we’ll be recording data to contribute to research that aims to help better understand the development of elephant personalities. Digital tablets will help streamline these efforts and collect the vital data in the most efficient means possible (2 of 2 still needed).

Stopwatches (pack of 6) $49- DONATED!

These stop watches will help us to record data during the elephant birth and throughout its development.

Two-Way Radios $160

It is crucial during the baby-watch and the first few months after the birth for our elephant staff to stay in constant and reliable contact with each other. With new Keepers being hired in anticipation of the baby, and a few of our current radios on their last legs, these new radios will ensure our keepers can get ahold of each other the second they need to. (6 of 8 still needed)