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Big Equipment for a Big Elephant

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Freezer $500- DONATED!

Just like kids, elephants of all ages love a good treat. Here at the Zoo, many of our animals favorite treats are popsicles with all sorts of different goodies such as fruit and branches frozen inside. This freezer will help us make elephant-sized popsicles (i.e. gigantic!), that the herd will certainly appreciate in the Tucson summer heat!

100 Gallon Drinker $75

After the arrival of our newest elephant it will be a little while before he or she ventures out into the yard, but once this happens, the elephants’ pool will need to be drained for safety’s sake. Since the pool is where the elephants get most of their drinking water when they’re outside, these elephant-sized bowls will help the herd stay hydrated until it’s safe for the baby to be around deep water. (4 of 5 still needed)

Automatic Hay Feeder $1,295

Elephants need to eat constantly to sustain their enormous bodies, even in middle of the night. Automatic feeders will ensure that the elephants get proper nutrition at set times, rather than gorging all at once and getting hungry later. (3 of 3 still needed)

Hydraulic Dumping Toro Cart $9,000

From hauling sand to bringing out hay, elephant Keepers need to do a lot of heavy moving throughout the day. None of this would be possible without dependable carts to help them haul all of their supplies around. With the addition of new elephant Keepers, the team needs new carts to help them get all of their work done. (2 of 2 still needed)

Hydraulic Dump Mechanism to add to Club Carts $550

The carts we have right now get the job done, but when it’s time to empty a bed of sand into a mud wallow, doing it with a shovel is time and labor intensive. These dumping mechanisms will be added to our existing carts to allow many Keeper tasks to be done with the push of a button. (3 of 3 still needed)