Enrichment Tree: Give a Gift to the Animals at the Zoo

Zoo animals have holiday wish lists, too!

Want to include your Zoo favorites in your holiday shopping? The animal care team has compiled a list of items the animals will love!

Whether you’re looking to spoil Jovi the dwarf screaming hairy armadillo with an exercise wheel, or keep mealtime interesting for Fireball and Yebonga with a rhino-sized puzzle feeder, we’ve got you covered.

If you are visiting the Zoo don’t miss our tree with ornaments decorated by our volunteers in the Conservation Learning Center! Take an ornament, purchase the item on the tag, and return the item to the Zoo on your next visit. Can’t make it to the Zoo this holiday season? We have an Amazon wish list as well as a Gift Hero wish list for items available elsewhere on the internet. Each item on our wishlists includes information about which animals your gift would benefit, and why that particular enrichment item is a great fit for their species!

Gifts can be shipped directly to the Zoo or brought with you on your next visit to the Zoo.

Thank you for thinking of your Zoo this holiday season!

Amazon Wish List    Gift Hero Wish List