Expedition Tanzania

They’re Here We’re very excited to introduce Reid Park Zoo’s newest pachyderm residents and their amazing new habitat, Expedition Tanzania!

The seven acre expansion provides an introduction to this amazing species and the important work being done to protect wildlife. Come explore the winding pathways, find clues that provide insight into the lives of animals, and observe a herd of African elephants in an expansive habitat.

The exhibit also features engaging hands-on education opportunities along the walkway, and near the Click Family Elephant Care Center.  The Bernadine Shirley Training Wall will provide guests with a peek into Zoo Keepers’ training and care for the elephant residents.  This is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.

Take a few moments to learn about the new herd. Maybe you’ll even be able to recognize them by sight when you come to see them in person!

Can’t make it to the Zoo? We are testing new elephant cams! Visit us 9:30 – 1:30 on most days to see what the elephant family is up to.  This is just a preview – more hours will be live soon!