Reid Park Master Plan Presentations 

Reid Park Zoo’s Master Plan was designed with input from the local community at every turn.

Voters approved Zoo improvements in 2017 and the details of this project have been discussed widely over the last three years. 

Integrity is one of Reid Park Zoo’s core values, and transparency through the design process has been critically important. The details of Phase 1 of the Master Plan, with a focus on the expansion into Reid Park, have been discussed in council meetings, during more than 100 presentations with members of the community, and with local media. A 2019 open house held by the Parks & Recreation Department indicated that 92% of attendees approved of the Zoo’s expansion plan. 

It is thanks to input from members of our community that Reid Park Zoo’s expansion will feature a nursing room for parents who are breastfeeding, a place to park strollers by the playground, and a climate-controlled habitat that will allow us to care for red pandas year-round. 

Phases 2 & 3 of the Master Plan will work to improve the infrastructure and habitats within the current footprint of the Zoo. Design on those phases will begin soon so please Contact Us with thoughts and suggestions. 

Public Presentations: 

City of Tucson Open House (advertised by press release, media coverage, City & Zoo social media, flyers in Reid Park, and directly to community stakeholders and neighborhood representatives): November 12, 2019 

Presentations to the general public (advertised by press release, Zoo email contacts, and Zoo social media): July 31, 2018; August 2, 2018; August 8, 2018; September 8, 2018; September 12,  2018; September 15, 2018; October 3, 2018; May 1, 2019; May 25, 2019; June 1, 2019; June 22, 2019 

Mayor and Council Meetings: September 5, 2018 Study Session, and April 21, 2020 

Community Stakeholder Presentations: 

Clubs, groups, and organizations (i.e. Rotary, Lions Club, Attractions Alliance): 17 Meetings 

Zoo Member Meetings (Advertised to Reid Park Zoo’s 13,000+ member households): April 24, 2018 and April 24, 2019

Individuals or corporate representatives: 67 meetings 

Elected and government officials: 13 meetings

Internal: 4 meetings 

Zoo Donor groups: 14 meetings 

Zoo Volunteers: 3 meetings