Pathway to Asia

Pathway to Asia

The new Asia expansion will transport you to the world’s largest continent. Your eyes will gravitate to the intricate spires and boldly painted slanted roofs of a beautiful new Asian-inspired pavilion. You will be able to walk through a unique new world and behold the breathtaking beauty of some of Asia’s most endangered animals, such as fishing cats, red pandas, and others. You will even be able to enjoy the space for a private wedding or an out-of-the-box corporate get-together! Read about how this will impact Reid Park here, and about the Zoo’s and the Adaptive Recreation Center’s parking lots here.

Big Cats, Bigger Spaces

The new tiger habitat will give the big cats more room to roam while you look with wonder as these magnificent carnivores rest atop a lush landscaped hill. Enjoy the calming sounds of a bubbling waterfall and stream flowing into a sparkling pool perfect for a feline swim. Come closer for a view like none other as you “touch” the tigers through glass in a dynamic underwater experience set against a backdrop of ancient temple ruins.



Make a New Feathered Friend

When you enter Wings of Wonder, the new interactive aviary in Asia, you’ll be immersed in vibrant colors and friendly activity. You’ll meet ring-necked parakeets, spotted doves, red-whiskered bulbuls, silkie chickens, and golden pheasants as you walk through their aviary on the winding pathways.


Siamangs in full voice

Sing with the Siamangs

The loud, melodious calls of the siamangs will draw you to an oasis unlike any other in the Zoo as you wind through the pathways towards the new primate habitat! You’ll marvel at their swinging overhead acrobatics as the siamangs rhythmically fly above you from poles to ropes with their three-foot-long arm span. The harmonic sounds of running water will add a soothing counterpoint as you watch the apes explore their spacious new home.



Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon

A New Home for the Smooth and Scaly Residents

A trip to Asia would not be complete without meeting the largest lizard on earth. On this journey you’ll begin at the new Komodo dragon habitat, coming face-to-face with these reptiles that can reach up to 10 feet long! As you pass through to the new Reptile House and Tropical Discovery Center, you’ll be greeted with a refreshing cool breeze. This new climate-controlled home will house snakes, amphibians, lizards and turtles, creating a comfortable space for guests and animals alike. The naturalistic habitats – large and small – are designed for each species’ individual needs. You’ll have a rare opportunity to see these reptiles up close and understand why they are an important part of the ecosystem. As you continue your adventure through Asia, you will be welcomed by a colony of fruit bats hanging in their spacious habitat.


Red Panda & Muntjac Joint Habitat

Lush landscaping, trees for climbing and indoor as well as outdoor climate controlled habitats will provide the ideal environment for these charismatic animals. Red Pandas are very skillful and acrobatic animals that predominantly stay in trees. The small, muntjac deer are native to India, Southeast Asia, and southern China and are nicknamed the ‘barking deer’ as they sometimes react to predators by producing a dog-like sound.


Celebrate at the Asian Pavilion

This unique event center will be the perfect place for Conservation Connection lectures, weddings, quinceañeras, bar and bat mitvahs, and more as well as a place to stop in and take a break midway through your Zoo adventure. Inside the pavilion there will be indoor views of the sloth bear cave, red panda habitat and a view of siamangs swinging through their habitat.



Fishing Cats in the Water

Fishing cats are small cats, weighing 11 to 31 pounds, are one of the best swimmers around and are completely at home in the water. The fishing cat’s paws have webbing between the toes to help it swim and walk in muddy wetlands without sinking. Their habitat will feature a pool with opportunity to watch this agile cats fish like their counterparts in the wild.

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