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Arizona Gives Day 2014

  • Apr 9, 2014

Reid Park Zoological Society is excited to be participating in the second annual Arizona Gives Day on April 9, 2014!

A $10 (or more) donation to the non-profit Reid Park Zoological Society for Arizona Gives Day helps us meet our matching grant to build a new exhibit for the Gibbons. Their current exhibit was built more than 25 years ago and this popular family of gibbons is ready for a new home.

Give For Gibbons

The new habitat, located in the area between the tigers and warty pigs, will feature a glass wall for close-up ape encounters, a tall mesh roof with lots of space for tree-top exploring, and a night house designed to keep this active and engaging species warm in the winter.

Reid Park Zoological Society has received a challenge grant that will kick off the Give for Gibbons campaign. In order to complete the project, we need your help to meet this challenge.

Your generosity on Arizona Gives Day could also help us receive an additional gift of up to $18,000!

Your donation makes a huge difference!

This year we’re asking our supporters to give $10 (or more) and get 10 friends or family members to do the same. Your $10 donation goes a long way in supporting the Zoo and by sharing Arizona Gives Day with your family and friends you’ll help us even more. This year our goal is to increase our total number of donors with the hopes of winning the prize for Most Donors Overall, an $18,000 award!

Thank you for considering a donation to the Reid Park Zoological Society for Arizona Gives Day 2014!