Virtual Summer Camp Experience

Friday, July 10, 2020 — Friday, July 31, 2020
1:00 pm — 3:00 pm

This summer, Reid Park Zoo invites your family to join us for a VIRTUAL summer camp experience.

This interactive day camp will provide zoo campers with live zoo tours, animal encounters, crafts, and fun “get up and move” breaks throughout each 2-hour session. Camp will have similar interactive components as an in-person camp, allowing campers to ask questions, share stories, and interact with one another, just from the comfort and safety of your home.

Each week of camp will have a uniting theme. Each day session within that week will focus on a different topic relating to the theme. The sessions were created so you can sign up for them individually or for both classes within the week. Each day of camp is unique with different topics, activities, and animal focuses.

Learn more about our virtual summer camp including a daily schedule, safety precautions being taken by Zoo Staff, and answers to other questions you may have:  VIRTUAL CAMP FAQs

Camp hours are from 1 pm – 3 pm  MST-AZ on Tuesdays and Fridays weekly – June through July. 

$15 per 2 hour session/household (please only enter “1” in the quantity box when registering)

Scholarships available to those needing financial assistance, click here to request a scholarship.


Designed for children ages 5-12 to participate on their own. However, families can join in together.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Capacity per session is limited to 20 registrants.

To register, click on the session links below.

Please read your email confirmation carefully – it contains important information.


Week 7 Theme: Surviving Together: Sometimes getting by takes a little bit of help, even for animals. Discover how the Zoo helps animals stay cool when things get a little toasty here in Tucson, and how some animals are able to help their neighbors and habitats thrive, just by being who they are.

Session 1: Tuesday, July 14, 1-3pm MST-AZ: Animals in the Heat: Find out what special treats and tricks we have up our sleeve to help our animals kick back and relax on hot days!

Session 2: Friday, July 17, 1-3pm MST-AZ: Eco-engineers: While all animals have a special role in their ecosystem, some animals shape their habitat and resources, affecting many animals around them. Journey with us on a virtual tour to meet these eco-engineers, both large and small.


Week 8 Theme: Habitats of the World: Come with us on a journey through different types of habitats around the world, without ever leaving your own habitat! Learn about how animals survive in the places they call home.

Session 1: Tuesday, July 21, 1-3pm MST-AZ: SOLD OUT Aquatic habitats: In this virtual camp session, we will meet animals that live in or near water, and discover how unique these habitats and animals that occupy them can be.

Session 2: Friday, July 24, 1-3pm MST-AZ: Deserts: We live in a desert right here in Tucson, but there are many more around the world. Join us on this virtual tour as we visit animals that live in deserts near and far!


Week 9 Theme: Adaptations:  In the animal kingdom, survival isn’t always about who you know—it’s also about what you have and what you can do! Explore animal adaptations, from nose to toes to tail, and learn how they help animals survive.    

Session 1: Tuesday, July 28, 1-3pm MST-AZ: Down to the Toes and Tails: Feet and tails are often overlooked, but they do more than just help an animal walk; join us as we explore all types of feet and tails, from feet with webbing or huge claws, to tails that act like a hand!

Session 2: Friday, July 31, 1-3pm MST-AZ: Animal Behavior: Come with us as we explore how an animal’s actions help it survive, and how zookeepers use behavioral training to make sure the animals at the Zoo stay healthy!