Summer Safari SATURDAY Nights 2019

Saturday, May 25, 2019 — Saturday, August 17, 2019
6:00 pm — 8:00 pm

Summer Safari Saturday Nights, presented by TMC Healthcare

Reid Park Zoo’s Summer Safari is changing nights to Saturday and is now FREE for Zoo Members.  Enjoy the Zoo during cooler evening temperatures with added fun including:

  • Live Music from a variety of local bands
  • Games & Activities including inflatables
  • Food & Drink Specials
  • Animal Encounters & Keeper Chats
  • Theme Nights including fun family activities (see below)

Explore the Zoo for keeper chats, animal encounters, sponsor booths, and enjoy a variety of activities including carousel rides, giraffe feed, enrichment making, face painting by Tucson Face Painters, inflatables, artifact stations and glitter tattoos by Something Glitzy (some activities are an additional fee). Remember to bring a blanket so you can sit back and relax in the Event Garden while you enjoy the concert.

Tickets: (all Saturdays May 27 – August 17 EXCEPT for June 15 which is our annual Brew at the Zoo)

Zoo Members are FREE (You may reserve your free tickets online or check in at the gate night of event. If you have trouble logging into your member account to get your free tickets, please contact 881-4753 Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. Issues may arise if your contact information doesn’t match our records such as an address change) 
$10.50 Adults
$8.50 Seniors
$6.50 Children ages 2-14

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Theme Nights:

August 17: Weird Science Night 

Science is the glue behind everything that happens in a Zoo! Join us and System Coalition in a funfilled science evening, exploring how and what we learn from animals! See how scientists learn more about animals from scatology, the science of poop! Learn how biomimicry allows scientists to observe animal adaptations and to use them to inspire growth in the human world. Featured animals include Aldabra tortoises, squirrel monkeys, goats, and tigers.

*During evening events, animals are given access to their night-houses for their comfort. Some animals may be behind-the-scenes.

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View Past Theme Nights:

May 25: Meet Your Zoo Night
Get to know the animals and talk with our Zoo Keepers and Zoo Educators to learn about their jobs and what they enjoy most each and every day at the zoo.  Meet our Vet Team and learn about the care they provide and hear some of their favorite animal care stories.  Discover the future plans for the Zoo with President Nancy Kluge (what new animals and features are coming, 6:30 and 7:15 at our Learning Center). Featured animals include the whole Zoo, but highlight the flamingo, rhino, lion, crowned crane, grizzly bear, Aldabra tortoise plus a Dr. Zoo demo with our Zoo Vet and Education Staff. ENTERTAINMENT: Freddy Parish Band

Download our activity schedule for the night!

June 1: Superheroes and Animal Superpowers
Meet your favorite superhero in-person!  Marvel at the similarities between your favorite superheros and the animals!  How did superheros become so special – were they mimicking the animal kingdom? Learn about the animals with laser-like eyesight, outstanding agility, superhero strength, and more.  Featured animals include but not limited to goats, dart frogs, elephants, squirrel monkey, snakes, ruffed lemur and more! ENTERTAINMENT: Freddy Parish

Download our activity schedule for the night!

June 8: Beach Party at World Ocean’s Day
We soak up the sun in Tucson, but lets make the Zoo a Beach Party!  Add sand, water, animals, and amazing music and you will play your way to the beach.  Enjoy cooling off at the zoo while you meet some of water-loving animals at the Zoo.  Watch different ways the animals enjoy water, pops, sand and mini-beaches in their habitats.  Featured animals include otter, grizzly bear, alligator, elephants, flamingo, and ferrets. ENTERTAINMENT: Shrimp Chaperone. PARTNERS: Rubio’s, Tucson International Academy, TMC Healthcare Center, Tucson Pops

Click to see the evening’s activity schedule. 

June 22: Art in the Animal Kingdom
Colors, patterns, spots and stripes! See how art can serve as camouflage or attract mates.  Bring the beauty of the wild into your own home with watercolor pencil flamingo, tiger pastel art and charcoal zebra drawings with The Drawing Studio; paint with Creative Juice — and more! Featured animals include tiger, giraffe, flamingo, elephant, zebra, birds, tapir, dart frogs. ENTERTAINMENT: Mustang Corners. PARTNERS: Creative Juice, The Drawing Studio, Mary Kay, Tucson International Academy, TMC Healthcare

Click to see the night’s activity schedule. 

June 29: Animal Spa & Wellness Night
See how the Zoo animals get pampered at Spa Night! Could be a pedicure, manicure, mud bath or more. Featured animals include rhino, andean bear, elephant, aldabra tortoise, alligator, anteater. ENTERTAINMENT: Michael P. & the Gullywashers.  PARTNERS: Aveda, Fast Med, Mary Kay, Tucson International Academy and over 15 vendors with a Farmer’s Market.

Click to see the activity schedule for the evening.

July 6: Monsoon Madness
Why do animals follow the rains or the stars during specific times of the year? Find out the answer while meeting Zoo animals including birds, lion, zebra, Squirrel monkey and tortoise. ENTERTAINMENT: The Just Intervals. Vendors: Tucson Medical Center, Mary Kay, Tucson International Academy, Friends of Madera Canyon, Parks RX

Farmer’s Market Vendors: Arbonne, Color Street, Photonic Wellness, PixieLane Children’s Clothing, Desert Mystic, Life’s Sweet Honey Farms, Carole’s Homemade Salsa, Refined by Fire Designs, Hempworx, Paparazzi, NatureKind, Take A Seat Retreat, Scentsy, Quasimodo Sisters, Beads by Ana, Superior Water Company, Tucson Flooring Company, Creations by Janet, Neverland Treasure Boutique, Pure Poetry Cosmetics, Makeup Eraser

July 13: Culinary Delights
Would you eat what the Zoo animal’s delight in? You may be surprised at the answer! Come learn about diet prep for the animals and meet the anteaters, grizzly bears, tiger, hedgehog, tamandua and goats. ENTERTAINMENT: Dos Suenos

Click here to see the activity schedule for this event.

July 20: Game Night
Learn about the games animals play. Animals play games to develop hunting skills and to attract a mate. We will have fun games to play like corn hole, trivia contest, giant Jenga & more. Featured animals include otters, goats, squirrel monkeys, lions and Andean bear. ENTERTAINMENT: Diluvio

July 27: Animal Athletes
Who is the fastest? The strongest? The smartest? Featured animals include giraffe, elephant, vulture and ostrich. ENTERTAINMENT: The Just Intervals

August 3: Animal Play Time
Watch the fun animals have with enrichment and each other. Featured animals include lion-tailed macaque, goat, alligator, rhino, squirrel monkey. ENTERTAINMENT: RUFF Mix

August 10: Treasure Hunt

Join our animals on a great adventure! Did you know that animals are excellent detectives? Activities: Go on a scavenger hunt through the Zoo and follow the clues for your chance to win a prize! Learn how researchers track animals using radio collars and telemetry, try your hand at identifying birds in the aviaries, and find out how animals search for food in the wild. Featured animals include anteaters, squirrel monkeys, tigers, giraffes, and birds from our aviaries. ENTERTAINMENT: Members of Run Boy Run.  This event has been cancelled due to rain.

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