Penzi’s Second Birthday Celebration

Saturday, April 9, 2022
9:00 am — 11:00 am

What do you get a 1,800 pound elephant for her birthday? Help observe beloved Penzi’s second birthday with a pachyderm party celebrating her life and the lives of elephants everywhere. Join us for elephant-themed activities. Learn about Penzi’s latest developments and about conservation programs to help protect elephants in the wild. Animal care staff will distribute some special enrichment gifts for Penzi and the herd, and we’ll have free cupcakes for the first 300 people thanks to the Narcus Family Trust!

Activities include:

  • Elephant ear craft, “elfie’s,” and activities throughout the morning
  • Sing “Happy Birthday” to Penzi and watch her receive her favorite treats
  • Animal chats about Penzi and her developments

“Penzi’s second birthday provides an opportunity to focus our guests’ attention and enthusiasm on our African elephant herd at Reid Park Zoo,” says Sue Tygielski, PhD, Director of Zoo Operations. “Anytime we highlight her growth and development it always involves the entire family which is really a sweet story.”

African elephants are threatened by poaching for their ivory tusks. When one family member is poached it can often impact the herd as they are social animals and learn from one another. “Each member of our herd of elephants interacts with and learns from one another,” Tygielski said. “We can see how much Penzi has learned from her sister but also the adults in the herd. Her daily explorations show the importance of protecting the wild adult elephants with large ivory tusks, as they are the elephants leading the next generations.”

The treats that Penzi will receive at her birthday bash are part of the Zoo’s animal enrichment program, which encourages mental and physical stimulation, as well as natural behavior that the animals would utilize in the wild.

Penzi’s Birthday Party is free with Zoo admission of $10.50 for adults; $8.50 fo seniors and $6.50 for children. Zoo members receive free admission. For more information on Reid Park Zoo, visit the website at

This event is free with Zoo admission!