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Conservation Connection: Penzi and Wild Elephants of Tanzania

Wednesday, March 10, 2021
5:30 pm — 6:30 pm

Join Reid Park Zoo for a Conservation Connection with Dr. Charles Foley, Elephant Conservationist and the Reid Park Zoo Elephant Crew – both Penzi, the young elephant calf, some of the herd and her care team.

The evening will begin with an up close training session with Penzi, followed by a brief Q&A session from our guests.  Elephant Care staff will be on hand to answer questions about Penzi and her herd.  Then hear about elephants just like Penzi that live in Tanzania from Dr. Foley.

Charles Foley and his wife Lara, studied the elephant population in Tarangire National Park, northern Tanzania for 26 years. Charles will talk about elephants, their social behaviour, and what makes them such fascinating animals, and will discuss some of the key findings of their research. He will also discuss their current work in the Tarangire ecosystem protecting one of the great wildlife migrations on the planet, and show how communities and wildlife are both benefiting from conservation efforts in the area. Charles and Lara’s work in Tarangire has been supported by the Reid Park Zoo since 2006.

The virtual event is free with the opportunity to make a donation to Reid Park Zoo’s conservation efforts.