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Zoo to You Outreach Program

  • All ages
  • Maximum of 30 participants in each program
  • Program lasts 45 minutes
  • Available to schools, libraries, assisted living communities, and other indoor facilities (no private homes)
  • $200.00 per program within 20 miles of Reid Park Zoo (call for rates outside 20 miles)
  • $100.00 for additional programs on the same day at the same location.

All programs feature live demonstration animals. Please choose from the topics below:

  • Habitats:  Learn what an animal needs in its habitat and how animals survive in desert, rainforest and savannah habitats.
  • Adaptations: Learn about adaptations that help wild animals survive and how people can be inspired by nature’s survival tips.
  • Zoo 101: Caring for the animals that call the Zoo home is a big job, learn how we do it and why what we do is so important.
  • Locomotion: (Grades K-2 only) Investigate how animals move from here to there by exploring their unique adaptations.
  • Conservation and Endangered Species (Grades 3 and up only): Discover Reid Park Zoo’s role as a conservation organization and how zoos and scientists work to protect wildlife and wild places.


Click the button below to request an outreach program at your location. If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please call the Education Department at 520-837-8200.

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