World Anteater Day 2021

Today We Are Celebrating World Anteater Day!

Reid Park Zoo is deeply connected to anteater care and conservation. It is our logo, after all! We are home to two species of anteater, the giant anteater and the southern tamandua. Both serve as ambassadors for their species that help us educate Zoo visitors with their unique traits.


Reid Park Zoo proudly partners with the Anteaters and Highways Project to protect wild anteaters in Brazil. Our funding helps this organization study wild anteaters to learn how to better protect them. One way they study giant anteaters is by placing a temporary tracking harness on adult anteaters to monitor their locations and movements. One of their harnessed anteaters with a young pup was recently spotted stopping by the base of a tree for a nap! Check out the amazing video they shared of the duo getting ready to rest.


Check out the video!