Three Cheers for Anteaters

Today is a very special day for a few reasons — the first one we’ll talk about is World Anteater Day.

You may have noticed that Reid Park Zoo’s logo features a giant anteater, a species that has called Reid Park Zoo home since 1968. Your Zoo has a long history of being a leader in the care and conservation of this impressive and important species.

At your Zoo, giant anteaters Nico and Zola enjoy snacking on insects and greek yogurt. Our team is dedicated to providing these two with every opportunity to thrive. We’re also dedicated to helping anteaters thrive in the wild.

Anteaters & Highways is an incredible conservation organization working to prevent anteater roadway mortality in the grasslands and forests of Brazil’s Cerrado habitat. This habitat is being disrupted due to rapid agricultural development and the building of roads.

Reid Park Zoo is proud to support the work of Anteaters & Highways, and looks forward to doing so for years to come — but we cannot do that without your help. That’s where today’s other big celebration comes into play.

Today is also Giving Tuesday, an incredible nation-wide moment for charitable giving. Would you consider supporting Reid Park Zoo this holiday season? Your dollars go towards the care of animals like Nico and Zola, conservation programs like Anteaters & Highways, and education programs that better our community.

Thank you for your support — today and every day.