Theo the Peacock and His New Boot

Caring for a peacock might look different than you think  

Reid Park Zoo is home to 13 peafowl and, like all animals at the Zoo, these birds are observed daily for changes in behavior and physical appearance. A few weeks ago, Zoo keepers noticed that one of the peacocks, Theo, was not moving normally. 

Theo was brought to the Health Center for an exam by one of our veterinarians. A special bandage was placed on his foot so he could walk normally. In order to be able to keep a close watch on him and change his bandage, Theo was given a home in the Health Center. Despite the bandage and medication, Theo did not improve, so he was taken for a CT scan. After the scan, the veterinary team decided the best course of treatment would be to add a stronger support to that foot to provide it the best opportunity to heal.

The animal care team and veterinarians procured a special boot created for chickens with foot problems to allow Theo to return to Zoo grounds while he heals. The boot was modified to fit Theo’s foot and he is now back out on Zoo grounds, being his loud and beautiful self.