Thank You For Your Support

As Arizona Gives Day draws to an end, we want to thank you for your incredible support which benefits all of the animals at Reid Park Zoo. We are fortunate to be a part of such an incredible community. Your support sustains us.

While the Zoo is temporarily closed to the public, our animal care professionals are here performing daily health checks, enriching habitats, and caring for African elephant Semba and her newborn calf. We look forward to the day we can welcome you back into the Zoo to see these amazing animals in person.

We hope you’ve been following along on our social media and enjoying learning about southern tamanduas and giant anteaters, two of the Zoo’s flagship species.

Did you know that giant anteaters are fastidious bathers? They enjoy bathing in shallow water and use their long front claws to clean and detangle their fur. Zola the anteater enjoys having a bath almost every day. Sometimes her animal care staff have the opportunity to provide a hose shower to her normal bathing routine! We hope you like this video of Zola enjoying a shower in her habitat!

In 2018, Reid Park Zoo welcomed Dr. Arnaud Desbiez to talk to our community about the Anteaters & Highways project in Brazil and the challenges this incredible species faces in their natural habitat of the Pantanal.

Reid Park Zoo is proud to support the work of Anteaters & Highways, and looks forward to doing so for years to come — but we cannot do that without your help.

Traditionally, much of Reid Park Zoo’s annual operating revenue comes from admission ticket sales. While the Zoo is closed during this unprecedented moment in history, it is the support of people like you that is continuing our work. Thank you for being a part of Reid Park Zoo’s community. We are looking forward to when we can reopen our gates and welcome you back into the Zoo. We could not do what we do without you.