Summer Safari Nights – The Bear Essentials

Come and have a ball with the grizzly bears and Andean bears at Reid Park Zoo during Summer Safari Nights!

All the animals – including the bears – benefit from animal enrichment at Reid Park Zoo. Animal enrichment provides our animals with mental and physical stimulation to increase natural and healthy behaviors.

You can have a ball at Summer Safari too! Bring a blanket, relax, and enjoy live music with The Just Intervals. Discover bear bio facts, and meet the experts that know the bears best – their keepers! Summer time means spending more time outside, like having a picnic or camp out – or enjoying cool nights at Summer Safari! Having a picnic out in nature can be a relaxing experience. However, if you have a picnic outside and are going camping, there are extra precautions you need to take to not attract bears near your camp site.

  • Store all your food into a vehicle or animal proof facility, not in your tent! Bears have a great sense of smell and will wake you up in the middle of the night to grab a midnight snack.
  • After you have roasted your marshmallows around the fire, make sure you keep your fire pit clean before you go to bed.
  • Do not feed the bears! We all want to share our food with our loved ones, (including sometimes our pets), but bears are wild animals. Keeping our distance from the bears is the safest for them – and for us.

Fortunately, at the Reid Park Zoo’s Summer Safari Nights you won’t have to worry about taking these precautions! Just make sure you bring your family, friends, bring a blanket, and enjoy a picnic, concert, meet the keeper and more along with your wildest friends at Reid Park Zoo!