Go Grey at Summer Safari Nights!

Bring the whole herd to Reid Park Zoo’ Summer Safari Nights! Two of the largest animals at Reid Park Zoo, both in size and weight, are the African elephants and the Southern white rhino. The African elephants are known to travel as a pack. The young ones, like Nandi and her brothers, look up to their mother for guidance and survival; while the mother and the rest of the herd look out for the youngsters and each other.

At Reid Park Zoo, the elephants interact and play with each other just as they would in the wild. Inside the elephant’s exhibit, there is an exhibit wall where the elephants can stick their trunks into the holes to obtain treats! They also have two mud pits and a 90,000-gallon pool so the elephants can cool off, and snorkel!

The Southern white rhino is best known for its horn. They use their horns to defend themselves from predators. The rhino’s horns are made from the same material as our fingernails! Despite their appearance, rhinos have very sensitive skin. The sun and insect bites irritate the rhino’s skin, so the animal care staff at Reid Park Zoo provides them with mud pits to help sooth their skin.

Aside from their large size and heavy weight, another thing both the Southern white rhino and the African elephant have in common is their nutrition. Despite being one of the largest animals in the Zoo, these two animals are herbivores. Come and join these two large and in charge animals at dinner time during Summer Safari Nights at Reid Park Zoo while enjoying the live musical performance of Michael P. & the Gullywashers!