Caring for Carnivores at Summer Safari Nights!

Lions, and tigers, and … jaguars, oh my! Reid Park Zoo is home to these three big cats, but they are all unique and different from each other.

If you are coming to Reid Park Zoo’s Summer Safari Nights, you may be just in time to see the tigers jump in the pool to cool off in this summer weather. Unlike most cats, tigers are great swimmers and enjoy getting in the water. Additionally, tigers have stripes that are unique to each tiger in the world! Their stripes are equivalent to our fingerprints, and can help scientists tell each tiger apart.

During the summer, lions sleep most of the day because they save their energy to fight or hunt when needed. Similarly, to us humans, lions travel in a pack, known as a pride. They travel as a family to protect each other from other lions and predators out in the safari. Bring your own pride to Summer Safari Nights to spend time with these lions and enjoy live entertainment by Deo Clure!

Similarly, to tigers, jaguars enjoy getting in the water. They go into the water to cool off, but also to catch prey such as fish, turtles and caiman. Jaguars are also known as the top predator of the food chain and eat over 80 different species. Though sometimes hard to spot, jaguars have black spots if you look closely. Come during Summer Safari Nights to grab a bite to eat and ‘spot’ our jaguar!