Southern White Rhino Celebrates a Milestone Birthday

Happy Birthday, Yebonga!

On April 15 Yebonga the southern white rhino celebrated her 48th birthday. White rhinos have a median life expectancy of 31 years, making Yebonga’s milestone birthday extra special! Reid Park Zoo practices whole-life care for all of our animals and works closely with our geriatric animals to ensure their comfort, health, and welfare. For her birthday this year Yebonga enjoyed some special enrichment with snacks, fun scents, and items to knock around with her horn!
White rhinos are considered Near Threatened and their populations are decreasing. We are grateful to be Yebonga’s home where she can act as an ambassador for her species! There are five species of rhino and fewer than 29,000 left in the wild from all species. You can help protect all rhino species by being an informed consumer and standing up to illegal wildlife and artifact trading. You also support rhino conservation every time you visit or support your Zoo! Reid Park Zoo’s Conservation Fund partners with the International Rhino Foundation to support the conservation of rhinos in the wild and in managed care. You can make a donation to our Conservation Fund as a birthday gift to Yebonga!