Reid Park Zoo’s Vehicles Go Carbon Neutral

We’ve Teamed Up to Offset Our Cars’ Carbon

At Reid Park Zoo – conservation is a part of everything we do! Through our commitment to reduce our environmental impact, we have partnered with Circle K to offset the carbon emitted from the Zoo’s three vehicles. Through Circle K’s Conserve – Reduced Emissions Program, Reid Park Zoo offset 10,000 pounds of carbon in 2020. In Tucson, Circle K’s Conserve program works automatically to offset customers’ carbon emissions by up to 30%! Not only does Conserve do good for the environment, but with every fill-up, a portion goes back towards our Tucson communities. You can check out all of the conservation programs that happen here at the Zoo on our Zoo Conservation page!

Live in Arizona or New York? You too can offset the carbon emitted from your vehicles every time you fill up at Circle K Conserve location, learn more here.