Reid Park Zoo COVID Precautions: Masks Required Indoors

Here is What You Need to Know to Plan Your Visit to the Zoo

As an outdoor, open-air facility, Reid Park Zoo offers ample room for social distancing with 24 spacious acres.  We value the role our Zoo plays in providing the Tucson community with safe, outdoor family experiences with nature which boost mental health and provide comfort. We look forward to welcoming you on a visit soon.

Here is what you need to know to plan your visit to the Zoo:

Mask Policy Update (7/30/2021):

  • Per City of Tucson regulations, masks are required for all guests ages 2 and up when indoors at the Zoo. This includes the Zoo’s cafe, gift shops, Conservation Learning Center, and office space. Masks are also required when participating in the giraffe feeding encounter. If you or a member of your family are feeling unwell, please visit the Zoo at another time. The health of our guests, staff, and animals is our first priority, and we are pleased to offer a relaxing outdoor experience across 24-spacious acres. Thank you for your cooperation and helping to ensure your Zoo can remain open while providing the opportunity to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of being outdoors and in nature.

Purchasing Tickets:

  • Guests are able to purchase tickets directly at the front admission gate and will no longer have to reserve tickets online.

Social Distancing:

  • Please be aware of others’ space and maintain a 6 foot distance between you and other parties. There are floor signs and banners throughout the Zoo to help guide you.
  • Avoid overcrowding at popular exhibits or inside buildings. If there are others at an exhibit, consider waiting a few minutes before approaching so everyone can have a chance to see.
  • Refrain from knocking on, tapping, or touching exhibit windows and never place your mouth on handrails.

Other Safety Tips:

  • Summer days are hot in Tucson. Please remember to wear sunscreen and/or a sun hat and bring sunglasses.
  • Hot temperatures also bring the need to stay hydrated. Remember to bring your own reusable water bottle.  A touchless water refill station is located near the front entry restroom.  Bottled and canned water is also available for purchase in the Zoo café and at food kiosks.
  • Clean your hands frequently. For your comfort and safety, hand sanitizer stations are amply available throughout the Zoo. Guests are encouraged to practice good handwashing etiquette and to utilize hand sanitizer as needed.


Thank You For Supporting Reid Park Zoo

Reid Park Zoo’s mission is “to create inspiring memories for all by connecting people and animals to ensure the protection of wild animals and wild places.” The safety and comfort of our guests, staff and animals remains our top priority.  We look forward to welcoming you to Reid Park Zoo.

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