Plastic Free EcoChallenge Tips

Tips to Reduce your Plastic Use

While Staying Safe

During this trying time, the need to keep ourselves and our families safe is our top priority and it is hard to consider any potential impacts on the planet but we can still help protect the health of the planet while also protecting our own health and safety. Reid Park Zoo is participating in the Plastic Free EcoChallenge this month and we invite you to join us in any way you can. Small actions add up to big impacts when we work together. Here are some tips to help:

  • Ordering take-out? Skip the straw and utensils. Once you get home with your meal, use your reusable straw and silverware and enjoy!
  • Trying to cut back on plastic bags while grocery shopping? Ask the cashier if you can bag your own groceries into your reusable bags. Then, when you get home, throw the bags in the washing machine for cleaning. If you are unable to use your reusable bags, ask the cashier to use as few bags as possible and skip the bag for items like milk or laundry detergent that can be carried without a bag.
  • Feeling creative? Try to make your own granola bars or dog treats at home using recipes you can find online. Less waste without even leaving your home.
  • Just finished that jar of jam? Glass jars make great storage containers. Wash it and use it to store things like rice or sugar instead of using a plastic baggie. 
  • About to run out of your shampoo? Look into ordering a shampoo bar instead of a plastic bottle of shampoo. They can be ordered online too! You can also order conditioner, soap, lotion, and deodorant bars.

If you have any tips for reducing plastic use, please share them with us at Our staff and volunteers are looking for new ways to reduce our plastic use too!

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