Penzi Update: Energetic, Nursing Well, But Still Experiencing Diarrhea

Our little elephant calf is energetic, and nursing and sleeping well, but is still experiencing diarrhea. Our veterinary and elephant care teams are treating Penzi with antibiotics and making sure she spends lots of time in the shade to ward off the risk of dehydration. You might see Penzi on the elephant cam in cooler morning hours while she enjoys running around her habitat before going to the elephant barn to relax with her mom, Semba.

After our last update, a few people reached out to suggest Penzi’s diarrhea might be a reaction to her mother’s milk. The team tested Semba’s milk and everything was normal. Elephants are not known to have allergies to their mom’s milk.

Thank you all for your well wishes for Penzi! We will keep you updated on her progress.