by Jim Schnormeier, Reid Park Zoo General Curator A wise man once told me “a good Army runs off of its lieutenants.” Even though I was not in the military, and I am… more ›

Winning Photo Chosen

The results are in, and Photo #1 was the winner by a landslide. Diana Madaras will use this photo to create a work of art featuring Nandi; we are excited to see the… more ›

Local Artist Paints Nandi

Renowned Tucson artist Diana Madaras will paint a portrait of Tucson’s very own elephant calf, Nandi, and YOU can help choose the photo Diana will use for the painting. Click here to view… more ›

Lemur Fun

Who wants food in the same old bowl every day? Zoo Keepers challenge animals to use their natural dexterity by hiding food around their habitats, or by putting it in a puzzle. Black… more ›