Meet New Male Otter “Hasani!”

Otter 3Although African spotted-necked otters are often solitary in the wild, there’s nothing more fun than watching two playful otters at the Zoo! We’re pleased to welcome “Hasani,” a male African spotted-necked otter, who recently came to Reid Park from the Toledo Zoo. Hasani is just a little over a year old (he was born in October of 2012), and he’s easily distinguishable from female “Pfeiffer” by his white upper lip.

Pfeiffer and Hasani have become fast friends, and can be seen swimming and playing together on exhibit each day. Take a minute to notice how their keen eyesight helps them find toys and treats that Keepers provide for the otters each day. In the wild, having access to clean, clear river water is essential for otters, so they can see and catch their favorite food items–fish, crabs, and aquatic insects. The survival of wild otters depends on humans keeping pollution out of rivers and streams. We hope Hasani and Pfeiffer will inspire you to remember that water sources in the wild are often important animal habitats too!

Otter 1