Mapenzi Explores New Part of Elephant Habitat

Have you been keeping an eye on the elephants on our Zoo Cams?

Earlier this week, Mapenzi explored a new part of her habitat for the first time! The “pool side” portion of the elephant habitat has some big challenges for these little legs, including a currently-dry stream to cross!

The elephant care team prepared the habitat for the newest herd member. They drained the pool, filled in the stream with sand so her first crossing was easier, removed many of the giant logs, and created a much more shallow mud wallow. All of these details help to make Mapenzi’s first days out in this portion of the habitat easier to explore and follow her mom.

The dry stream crossing was easy for Mapenzi! Soon water will be added to increase the challenge and create a cooling-off area for the elephants. The mud wallow is still a big step for Mapenzi. While the rest of the herd sits or even rests on their sides in the wallow, getting coated with mud, Mapenzi is still at the edges watching. One day soon she will be brave enough to step in and get muddy!