Mabu Returns To Reid Park Zoo

After returning to San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 2016 for breeding opportunities with their herd, Mabu, the 13,000-pound bull, returned to Reid Park Zoo on Tuesday, Feb. 20th. He rejoined the Zoo’s herd: Lungile, Semba, Punga, Sundzu, and Nandi.

“In the wild, elephants live in a matriarchal society where the males often move in and out of herds for breeding and social opportunities,” says Dr. Sue Tygielski, the Reid Park Zoo’s Interim Zoo Administrator. “We are happy to be welcoming Mabu back to Tucson and are working closely with our colleagues from San Diego to ensure Mabu, as well as the rest of the herd at Reid Park Zoo, have a smooth transition.”

Mabu first came to Reid Park Zoo in 2012 to establish a herd of five elephants for what was then a new habitat, Expedition Tanzania. He successfully bred with Semba, one of the Zoo’s adult females, and a female calf, Nandi, was born two years later. Now, Expedition Tanzania and Nandi have become a visitor favorite at Reid Park Zoo.

Zoo visitors can expect to see the herd at Reid Park Zoo during normal business hours, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m seven days a week. Click here to view the elephant webcams!