Inviting Nature into Your Yard

Nature. Something about it draws people in.  Maybe it’s the beauty, maybe it’s the mystery, but whatever the reason, many people strive to bring nature closer to their homes.

When bringing nature in, it is important to consider all aspects of nature. Reid Park Zoo knows that we have your support and we invite you to aid us in our mission to save wild animals and wild places by planting native plants in your green space.

Animals rely on plants for food and shelter, and they are specially adapted to use native plants to survive. Whether you have a backyard, a front patio, or a balcony, you can help provide important habitat for the animals in your neighborhood.

If you live in the desert, it may be hard to pass up colorful roses when you are considering which plants to add to your garden, but we challenge you to look at the colors present on your favorite local trail or in a nearby wash. The vibrant yellow of desert marigold, the fiery red of chuparosa, or the subtle pink of fairy duster can bring color to your yard while also providing food for animals such as hummingbirds and butterflies.

You can even turn your green space into a certified wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. Learn more about gardening with native plants from the NWF and Arizona State Parks.