Information About Ruby Star Ranch

Reid Park Zoological Society is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to support, advocate for and enhance the value of Reid Park Zoo for the community. Reid Park Zoo is owned and operated by the City of Tucson. Reid Park Zoo is located in the heart of Tucson and provides unique opportunities for the community to be able to view animals up close, providing family fun and education about conservation in an environment where the animals receive top level care.

Reid Park Zoological Society was the beneficiary of a generous gift of land from Gilbert Aguirre and Ruby Star Ranch, LLC in 2010. This gift was accepted with the intent of creating a conservation center but with the stipulation that it was unrestricted due to unknown factors of the land and the project.

After exhaustive studies done by experts in the field, it was determined that the original plan was not feasible due to the lack of water and resources. In addition, the cost of holding the land was drawing resources from support for the Zoo. The board decided the most responsible course of action to benefit the Zoo for years to come was to sell the land.

This sale is exciting for the Zoo because it means that the top level animal care that is currently received by our residents will continue for years to come. Our board of directors is currently deciding the specifics of how to use these funds. One possibility includes a seed fund to jump start projects such as the Zoo’s new veterinary health center.

We look forward to sharing our plans on how these funds will benefit the Zoo and its conservation mission in the upcoming months.