Happy Father’s Day to an Amazing Animal Dad!

Digby the Meerkat is our Animal

Dad of the Year!

This Father’s Day we want to honor Digby the meerkat as our Animal Dad of the Year! Digby has done a phenomenal job raising his first ever litter of pups that were born at the Zoo earlier in spring.

“Meerkat fathers will help raise their young, but our first-time dad Digby took to his new role as a parent with more enthusiasm and patience than we would have ever imagined,” notes Julia, meerkat Zoo Keeper. “In the early days of the pups lives he would guard the pups so the moms could eat and was always ready to take his turn cuddling the pups to keep them warm. He would even go so far as to allow the pups to comfort-nurse on him when the moms needed a break; not a typical behavior in male meerkats.”

Way to go, Digby! With an amazing dad and two moms, the meerkat pups have had lots of support and a great start to life!

“He was highly attentive from day one and still does his best to keep his pups safe and well cared for. His role recently has shifted into teaching, which he does just as well as caregiving. He can be seen digging alongside the pups, showing them how to be sentry for the mob, and always being tolerant of their playful and mouthy antics.”

Check out the video below to watch Digby keep the pups warm, cuddle them while they nurse on one of their moms, and teach them how to play!