Groundbreaking for a new Animal Health Center!

Continuing to be a great zoo requires a major enhancement in the health care environment for our animals. A new Animal Health Center is the cornerstone of Reid Park Zoo’s future growth.


In addition to positioning Reid Park Zoo at the forefront of modern Zoo medicine, the new Animal Health Center will also teach the veterinarians of tomorrow. Students from the University of Arizona’s new Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Education Program will have the opportunity to train in whole-life animal care by observing and assisting in the Zoo’s Health Center. Younger students from area schools will also have the chance to observe and learn at an on-site classroom.

Expansions to the new, 9,000-square-foot Animal Health Center include:
– A full surgical suite
– ICU units suitable for animals of all sizes
– diagnostic devices providing immediate results of blood work and ultrasound testing
– holding areas with controlled air circulation to ensure animals are effectively quarantined
– state-of-the-art treatment facilities allowing our skilled vet staff to give every animal the best care possible

Thanks to the generosity and support of the Greater Tucson Community, this  $4 million project is completely funded and financed by the Reid Park Zoological Society.