elephants april 2016 (5)

Got Trees?

If recent monsoons have left a fallen tree in your yard, the Zoo elephants will help you recycle it!

Our elephants would love some browse treats! Elephants can eat several hundred pounds of food a day and have complex digestive tracks that require large quantities of high fiber food. Browse including leaves, branches, and tree bark are part of a high fiber natural diet and also provides natural enrichment, foraging opportunities, and optimal health.  It is a favorite food of the elephants. With five healthy, active, and growing elephants it is important that we provide them with hundreds of pounds of fresh vegetation daily.

Since acquiring this quantity of browse can be challenging, elephant staff work with private and public landscapers and city residents.  We can creatively provide the elephants and other plant-eating residents, like giraffe and tapir, this resource with your help.  If you have non-toxic plants that meet the requirements of the Reid Park Zoo Browse List you can donate and drop off clean trimmings. Please click here for a list of acceptable plants.

Thank you for supporting the Reid Park Zoo elephants!

Please contact:

Cassie Dodds – Elephant Area Manager
(520) 837-8193 extension 78193