Giraffe Update

Although still under very careful observation, the female giraffe “Denver” remains stable. As of this morning Zoo staff reports she is drinking, urinating, and defecating, which are good signs. She seems more interested in food today as well. We will continue to provide updates as she progresses.

As suspected, early pathology reports confirmed a significant quantity of oleander was ingested by Watoto. Pathologists suggested, based on examination, that heart arrhythmia was the cause of death. This would be consistent with oleander toxicity. Although hearing this validated our heart-breaking suspicions, it also confirmed that once the oleander was ingested, there was nothing else husbandry staff could have possibly done to save his life.

We are so thankful for the outpouring of support and concern that members and friends have provided for grieving staff. The Zoo team is focusing today on Denver’s health and providing continued professionalism for the many other animals in their care.