Coming to Your Zoo: Bigger Spaces. Smiling Faces.

Exciting improvements are coming to Reid Park Zoo for the animals and for our guests, thanks to our community’s support! When Tucson’s voters passed Propositions 202 and 203 in November 2017, you gave your zoo the resources to make the master plan a reality. Although the 1/10 of a cent sales tax began being collected in February of 2018, the funds were not made available until after July 1 to begin the improvements. The funds raised from the sales tax will be used over the next 10 years to add new land to the zoo’s footprint, create new animal habitats, new spaces for visitors, and make much-needed repairs and improvements to existing facilities.

From small improvements to continent-sized changes, it’s all starting now!

The Reid Park Zoo’s 2018 Master Plan will make your zoo one of the best in the nation – and even more of a national leader in animal care and conservation. You’ll see an Asian-themed expansion, an improved African safari experience, and more room for playful adventures throughout the zoo. You’ll start seeing improvements right away as we begin painting, repairing and refreshing our current facilities while these plans are being finalized for phase one.

The 10-year master plan has three phases:

Phase 1 will transport you across the world to an Asian-inspired expansion, expected to be completed in 2022. From lorikeets to otters and siamangs to tigers, guests will enjoy up-close experiences with some of their favorite animals; the zoo’s welcome plaza will be enhanced with palm groves and more shade; a treetop playground near the Conservation Learning Center will offer young explorers adventures for years to come.

Phase 2 will take you on an African adventure where you’ll have a spectacular view of the continent’s most beloved animals all in one place – lions, elephants, and a close-up look at rhinos during a feeding experience. A beautiful new 400-seat lodge with balconies located on three sides allows views of the Expedition Tanzania experience where you’ll see elephants moving about the land; a new hippo habitat with underwater viewing; and an expanded African savanna with rhino, giraffe, and hoofstock; as well as, lion exhibits.

Phase 3 will make the existing South American habitat, including the Temple of Tiny Monkeys, even better! The entry will be expanded to include a Mayan Temple as well as more opportunities for adventure and viewing throughout.

Thanks to the continued support from our Tucson community, we are able to provide bigger spaces and more smiling faces for all.