Back to School Means Schools Visit Reid Park Zoo for FREE!

Students can learn all about animals and conservation during a school trip unlike any other to Reid Park Zoo. K-12 schools can now visit during regular hours throughout the school year Monday through Friday for FREE! What a great way to kick off the year with a roar!

Nancy J. Kluge, president of Reid Park Zoological Society, said these visits are among her favorites. “Students love these trips! They have such a great time while learning. Seeing all the animals in person really brings the science and math concepts they learn in school to life.”

Teachers agree:
“This was a great add-on for our science lessons this quarter and matched our standards exactly.”

“My class loved seeing and touching the small animals. We have been discussing habitats in class, but they really didn’t seem to get it until our trip to the zoo!”

“My students got to make real-life connections about adaptations by seeing animals with adaptations up close.”

So far since January more than 260 school groups – and 15,000 participants – have shared in this fantastic experience this year.

Let’s make your group the next one!

Self-guided field trips must be reserved at least 30 days in advance. You can submit a request form here:

To see a complete list of self-guided field trip details visit our Teacher Resources page.