How To Weigh An Alligator

Bayou the Gator Weighs In During a Routine Check-Up At Reid Park Zoo we strive to allow all of our animals to participate in their own healthcare. One basic behavior that is important… more ›

International Vulture Awareness Day

Save Our Scavengers! People need vultures because vultures clean our planet. They consume carcasses that would otherwise rot and could spread diseases to humans and their livestock. Their highly acidic stomachs digest nasty… more ›

Celebrating World African Painted Dog Day

Today is World African Painted Dog Day! These colorful canines go by many names including painted dogs, painted wolves, African wild dogs, cape hunting dogs, and more. They are actually neither a dog nor wolf, but a unique member of… more ›

Celebrating Nandi’s 7th Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Nandi! Thank you all so much for celebrating Nandi’s birthday with us today! Nandi enjoyed her boxes of treats, fruity ice pop “cake”, sand castle, fresh browse, and spending time in… more ›

World Elephant Day 2021

Today is World Elephant Day! Elephants are extraordinary animals that need your help. The United States is the second largest consumer of ivory in the world, and poaching for ivory has pushed elephants… more ›

Watermelon Wednesdays at Reid Park Zoo

Join Us on Watermelon Wednesdays Every Wednesday in July is Watermelon Wednesday! This weekly event is one of our animals’ favorites of the whole year. Every Wednesday our care team creatively distributes fresh watermelon… more ›