Meet the Roaracious Crew

Reid Park Zoo is bringing dinosaurs to Tucson this Spring with Dinosaur Discovery! Without further ado, allow us to introduce the prehistoric guests soon to be seen at your Zoo:   Tryannosaurus Rex… more ›

Shop on the Wild Side

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we know that holiday shopping is going to be top of mind for a lot of our Zoo members.    Give the gift of… more ›

Zebra Foal Born at Reid Park Zoo

Anna the Grevy’s zebra gave birth to a foal early this week. The baby is healthy, nursing well, and exploring his new environment. Grevy’s zebras are an endangered species and the largest of… more ›

Dazzle the Squirrel Monkey is a Mom!

Update 8/24/21: Being a mom is a tough job and, unfortunately, infants born to first-time squirrel monkey mothers have a 50 percent mortality rate. Dazzle’s infant passed away overnight with no obvious cause… more ›