Asian Elephant “Connie” Euthanized in San Diego 7-19-12

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Connie, the 45 year old Asian elephant at San Diego Zoo and one-time resident of Reid Park Zoo. Connie had been under close medical supervision and management during the past weeks as her condition gradually deteriorated–a result of infections to her urinary and reproductive tract. Connie had a history of these infections and had responded to treatment in the past, but despite the best efforts of San Diego Zoo staff, she recently stopped consuming enough food and water, which caused a severe decline in her health status.

The difficult decision to euthanize Connie was made this morning after extensive discussion among the San Diego veterinarians and animal care staff after it was determined that her quality of life had diminished dramatically to the point that she was no longer able to sustain herself.

Reid Park Zoo staff appreciates the extraordinary efforts made by the team at San Diego and their evident affection and concern for both Connie and Shaba. Results of the necropsy are pending.

For more detailed information, please see this post on the San Diego Zoo blog: