Activity Packet: Backyard Birds and Appreciating Nature From Home

It’s hard to go outside and not encounter birds. We hear them singing in the morning and see them fluttering in tree branches. Birds are appealing because, like people, many are mostly diurnal (awake during the day), some are social and all communicate through sight and sound. They have adapted to a wide range of habitats, including ones modified by humans. They delight us with their antics and personalities, and they keep us connected with nature.  

At Reid Park Zoo we encourage people to connect with nature, and watching birds from your backyard or balcony is a fantastic way to enjoy wildlife even if you are unable to go out into the desert. 

Head to your backyard with this activity packet and see what birds you might be able to spot.

Looking for ways to attract more birds to your yard? You can easily craft bird feeders from items that you may already have at home.  

Here are some great ideas on making DIY bird feeders →

Making a birdbath dripper could especially help our desert birds during the summer →

Even hummingbird feeders can be simple to make at home →

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has many resources to teach you how to identify common birds in your yard and you can submit data for their Celebrate Urban Birds Citizen Science Project →

For the health and safety of the birds, make sure you clean your feeders regularly. Simple birdseed suitable for a wide variety of species can be found at your local supermarket, pet store or home improvement store.